Juan Muñoz at the Clark

Introduction by Carmen Giménez
Essay by David Breslin
Photographs by Michael Agee

The enigmatic sculptures of the Spanish artist Juan Muñoz (1953–2001) invoke a mode of storytelling that speaks to memory and displacement. His works create immersive settings where the viewer is both attuned to the immediate time and context and imagines the architectures and landscapes from which the works might have been expelled. In the unique parklike setting of the Clark, notions of interiority and exteriority, of perception and absorption, are further enhanced. Works installed within traditional museum galleries, as well as in the contemplative spaces of Stone Hill Center and its adjacent terraces, invite dialogues not only with the viewer but also with the surrounding landscape and collections, challenging assumptions of beauty and pleasure, expectation and surprise.

48 pages, 9 1/4 x 9 inches
32 color illustrations
Published by the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute
ISBN 978-0-300-16983-6 | Purchase softcover catalogue: $14.95


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