Ladies and gentlemen, start your curatorial engines — the race is on! Please follow the submission requirements listed below so that your entry can be considered for selection as the Clark's third uCurate exhibition.

Submission Requirements

1. When you name your uCurate submission, you must insert the term RACE: preceding the actual title of the exhibition (e.g. RACE: World's Greatest Exhibition). If this naming protocol is not followed, your submission will not be considered.

2. All submissions must be completed and submitted through the Clark's website uCurate program (or through the uCurate monitors in the Clark Remix galleries on-site) by 5:00 pm EST on Sunday, January 20, 2013.

3. You must submit a title and a curator's statement as part of your uCurate submission. Submission of comments related to individual works included in your exhibition is optional.

4. In order to be considered for selection as the winner of the Race to the Remix competition, your uCurate exhibition MUST meet the following criteria:

a.The exhibition must include 10 (and only 10) works of art drawn from Clark Remix.
b.The exhibition must include the painting Various Objects by Louis Leopold Boilly. (This painting is listed as object #22 in the uExplore application that is found on the Clark Remix microsite, clarkart.edu/remix, and is featured on page 2 of the uCurate selections.)Louis Leopold Boilly
c.The exhibition must incorporate the following concept in some way: Poetic License

5. Have fun! Go forth and curate!

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