Since the spring of 2008 CEVA's professional colloquia have focused on a variety of different issues that are currently subjects for discussion in the museum world. Colloquia include participants from museums of various kinds: large and small, urban and rural, from across the United States and beyond. Reactions to these events have been very positive:
“What a pleasure and a luxury to have time with colleagues and with my own thoughts.”
“Each of the attendees brought such a unique perspective to the topic. I know we all went away with dozens of new ideas and perspectives to enrich our institutions.”
“I loved the intimate format of the group and the honest and open sharing that took place throughout the sessions.”
“It restored my faith in art gallery education.”

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Road Shows

Since its launch in 2007, CEVA has offered tailor-made docent training programs to museums across the United States. These workshop sessions explore the theory and practice of talking about works of art and other museum objects “live,” in museums of all kinds and with audiences of all types. The traveling “road shows” are designed to help gallery presenters be more effective in engaging museum visitors in thoughtful, informative, and enjoyable conversations about art.

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The Clark's Docent Summer School provides volunteer museum docents from all over the country with an opportunity to spend time in the Berkshires analyzing works of art and exploring ways of presenting them to audiences of different kinds.

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The Clark’s Center for Education in the Visual Arts (CEVA) is a resource for education professionals from schools, museums, and academia. CEVA’s main purpose is to advance visual arts education through workshops, colloquia, and research, designed to bring the Clark’s education philosophy to a broader, international audience of educators. CEVA’s programs promote discussion, generate ideas, and model approaches that help educators enhance their work with audiences of all kinds to deepen their engagement with and enjoyment of works of art, develop their aesthetic sensibility and visual understanding, improve their analytical thinking, and enrich their lives.
The Clark’s education philosophy emphasizes interactive engagement rather than traditional one-way flow of information from presenter to audience. This approach is designed to be flexible to respond to the different requirements of different audiences, stimulating cultural, social, and historical awareness that carries beyond a particular work of art. This results in a fuller, more personal experience for the museum visitor.  


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