Art History and Its Journals

March 7 - 8, 2003

This two-day colloquium brought together academics and journal editors to discuss the current state, present audience, and challenges of new media on journals of art history, visual culture, and critical theory. This colloquium was organized by Dana Arnold (Art History), Perry Chapman (The Art Bulletin), and Eve Sinaiko (College Art Association).

Participants included: Catherine Asher (University of Minnesota and College Art Association), Zynep Celik (Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians), Deborah Cherry (Art History), Petra Chu (Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide), Marc Gotlieb (The Art Bulletin), Bruce Hitchner (American Journal of Archaeology), Cynthia Mills (American Art), Francesco Pellizzi (Res), Joel Snyder (University of Chicago and Critical Inquiry), Nancy Stieber (Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians), and Mariët Westermann (The Art Bulletin).