Art History and the German Philosophical Tradition

 August 17 - 18, 2001

Moving beyond the traditional limits of the discipline, this colloquium focused on the work of well-known German-speaking "fathers" of the discipline, as well as on lesser-known figures, all of whom managed to straddle the two fields of art history and philosophy and did so in ways which reflected a bold willingness to transcend disciplinary boundaries. This colloquium was organized by Dan Adler, City University of New York, and Mitchell Frank, Carleton University.

Participants included: Mark Cheetham (University of Toronto), Heinrich Dilly (Martin Luther Universität), Claire Farago (University of Colorado at Boulder), Karen Lang (University of Southern California), Donald Preziosi (UC, Los Angeles), Robert Williams (UC, Santa Barbara), Christopher Wood (Yale University), and Richard Woodfield (Nottingham Trent University).