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The Archive: As Static, Embodied, and Practiced

Accra, Ghana, May 24 - 25, 2013

This Clark seminar – convened by Bisi Silva, Director, Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos – was sponsored by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and was a collaboration between the Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos, the Foundation for Contemporary Art, Ghana, and the Clark. The seminar addressed the critical methodologies and histories which underpin both artistic and curatorial research and practices. 

The event encouraged participating artists and curators to consider the possibilities for interacting with archives in their practices. Program participants were expected to pursue projects that engage pertinent issues concerning the role of locality in processes of constructing and engaging the archive. Further, the seminar considered the critical role that archives play as repositories of “official” records through which a collective history is told. Whose stories and what histories are missing from archives? How do we research other narratives that are not recorded, that have no voice, or are not advocated?

Participants included:
Sven Augustijnen, Artist; David Breslin, the Clark; Godfried Donkor, Artist; Tamar Garb, University College London; Jabulani Pereira, Independent Curator and Cultural Activist; and Bojana Piškur, Moderna galerija; Bisi Silva, Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos; Carla Zaccagnini, Artist.

In order of presentation

Friday, May 24

Introduction -  audio
Bisi Silva and David Breslin

A Selection of Works -  audio
Carla Zaccagnini 

Constituting, Contesting, Critiquing the African Archive - audio
Tamar Garb 

A Means of Surviving: On Christopher D’Arcangelo - audio
David Breslin 

Screening: Spectres
Sven Augustijen

Saturday, May 25

On the Photographic Archive of Alf Kumalo -  audio
Jabulani Pereira 

Archive in my practice, past, present and future - audio
Godfried Donkor

Archives and the Moderna galerija, Ljubljana - audio
Bojana Piškur

Closing discussion