The Clark

In 1950 Sterling and Francine Clark chartered the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute as a home for their extensive art collection. Opened to the public in 1955, the Clark has built upon this extraordinary group of works to become one of the most beloved and respected art museums in the world, known for its intimate galleries and stunning natural environment. One of the few institutions in the United States that combines a public art museum with research and academic programs, including a major art history library, the Clark is now a leading international center for research and discussion on the nature of art and art history. Building upon the founders’ legacy, the Clark completed its master plan for the twenty-first century. This final phase of a transformational campus expansion program adds new facilities to support the growth of museum and academic programs; enhances the visitor experience of the Clark; improves circulation throughout the campus; and creates new levels of environmental sustainability across its 140-acre grounds while maintaining the unique character of its beautiful rural setting.

Board of Trustees


Maureen Fennessy Bousa
Sandra L. Burton
Eric L. Cochran
Michael Govan
Diane Halvorsen
O. Andreas Halvorsen, Chairman*
Dena Hardymon
Patrick J. Landers
Elizabeth B. Lee
Martha Berman Lipp
Michael R. Lynch
Doris Fischer Malesardi
Frank Martucci
Paul Neely
Sandra M. Niles
Jessie Price
Amy Engel Scharf
William C. Schmidt
Scott Schweighauser, Treasurer*
Robert G. Scott, Vice Chairman*
Denise Littlefield Sobel
Helge Weiner-Trapness
Maud Mandel, Williams College President, ex officio

Staff Leadership

Olivier Meslay, Director
Larry Smallwood, Deputy Director and Corporate Clerk*

* = Corporate Officers