Clark Remix, a new installation of some 400 works in the Institute's permanent collection opened in February 2012, and features a salon-style installation and two new digital applications that offer exciting ways to engage with the collection. Visitors were invited to test their curatorial skills by using the uCurate application to create their own exhibitions, with the promise that the Clark would transform some of the most intriguing virtual exhibitions into actual installations in the museum's galleries. After reviewing nearly 1,000 submissions submitted through the uCurate program, the Clark's curatorial team chose 11-year-old Giselle Ciulla as its first uCurate guest curator. Ciulla's exhibition impressed the curators with the way in which her unique perspective evokes feelings and emotions that belie her youth.


This gallery is a mixture of some of my favorite art pieces. I made the room different shades of blue, to make the paintings and objects stand out. I also made sure that I paired some of the larger paintings with other big paintings. I really like how every painting has its own "feeling," and how every object has its own movement and emotion. The whole gallery is based on the different art pieces that I love or find interesting. I want people to look at it and say, "Wow, that's a really interesting painting!" or, "That sculpture really moves me!" I want people to enjoy this gallery and all of the objects in it as much as I enjoyed making it.

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