Who lives in a living history museum? Usually, no one! Living history museums present their visitors with a taste of what life was like in different times. They might be located in places where memorable events happened or where famous people used to live. Visitors might try out a traditional craft, try on costumes, see silver being shaped, or watch wool being woven. Living history museums preserve customs and activities that are no longer common, offer experiences that are usually not available elsewhere, and keep the past alive in the present.

Peter Paul Rubens's painting is about a lion hunt. A lion hunt would have been very unusual in those days, since most people hunted for food rather than sport. Hunting was often done with raptors, or "birds of prey." This kind of hunting is called falconry and is still practiced today. In the living history museum component of Lions and Tigers and Museums, Oh My!, visitors can learn more about this ancient hunting practice.

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel: Falconry (HBO)

To learn more about local falconry activities, click here.

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