The Two Art Histories: The Museum and the University

The Two Art Histories: The Museum and the University

The Two Art Histories

Edited by Charles W. Haxthausen
With essays by Dawn Ades, Andreas Beyer, Richard R. Brettell, Stephen Deuchar, Sybille Ebert-Schifferer, Ivan Gaskell, Eckhard Gillen, Richard Kendall, John House, Patricia Mainardi, Griselda Pollock, Mark Rosenthal, Barbara Maria Stafford, Gary Tinterow, William H. Truettner, and Michael F. Zimmermann, and an afterword by Richard Brilliant

$24.95 Softcover

Based on the 1999 Clark Conference, The Two Art Histories: The Museum and the University examines the often tense relationship that exists between the two main branches of the discipline. At the most virulent extreme, many museum professionals now believe that university-based art history, under the spell of theory and preoccupied with the social agency of art, neglects the aesthetic dimensions of the art object. Conversely, many academics perceive museums transforming themselves into a branch of the entertainment industry, with the unrelenting quest for money and audiences making the museum an increasingly unlikely source of innovative scholarship. How do different values, traditions, and constituencies shape the respective practices and agendas of museums and of academic scholarship? To what extent do institutional factors, above all the search for financial support and large audiences, influence what stories are told in exhibitions? Seventeen eminent museum professionals and university scholars explore these and other questions.

224 pages, 7 x 9 1/2 inches
53 black-and-white illustrations
Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute in association with Yale University Press

ISBN 0-300-09775-1 (softcover)