Onsite parking is free; accessible parking is available for all public buildings. Visitors with mobility issues may be dropped off at the circle near the main entrance of the Clark Center or Manton Research Center. For more information, contact Visitor Services at 413 458 0592.


Wheelchairs are available for use free of charge on a first come, first serve basis; they are located at admissions at the Clark Center, the Manton Research Center, and the Lunder Center at Stone Hill. All doors in all buildings are wheelchair accessible, however, not all doors are on power assist.

Canes with flat rubber tips may be used in the galleries; however, long walking sticks, ski-pole-style (pointed-end) sticks, tall umbrellas, and other types of non-medical aids are not permitted in the galleries.

Baby strollers and diaper changing

Children’s strollers are permitted throughout the museum. Strollers are available for use free of charge on a first come, first serve basis, located at admissions in the Clark Center. Diaper-changing stations are available in men’s and women’s restrooms located in the Clark Center and the Museum.

Service animals

Service dogs are welcome in all areas of the museum. For your convenience, please notify a volunteer or admission staff member of your service companion upon arrival. All service dogs must be in a harness, leash, or other tether while in the buildings and are not permitted to roam freely.


The Clark offers accessible seating for individuals with disabilities. Accessible seats (and adjacent companion seats) are available on-line for all ticketed events and are always available for all free events held in the Clark auditorium. A lift is located adjacent to the auditorium to assist guests in wheelchairs. For further information or assistance, please contact the Box Office at 413 458 0524.

Personal Items

Purses, baby carriers, and luggage

Purses carried by hand, worn under the arm or on the front, and front-style baby carriers are permitted. Objects such as luggage, packages, tote bags larger than 11 × 15 x 18 inches, backpacks, backpack-style purses, and rigid baby carriers worn on the back are not permitted in the galleries. Small lockers, requiring a $0.25 key deposit, are available in the lower level of the Clark Center, in the auditorium corridor of the Manton Research Center, and adjacent to the restrooms of the Lunder Center at Stone Hill. Large items cannot be accommodated by our limited lockers, so please leave them in your car or on the bus. Clark staff and security officers are not permitted to hold or store personal items for visitors.


Umbrellas, including large, small, and hand-held pop-up styles, are not permitted in the galleries. An umbrella rack is located outside of the entrance to the Clark Center. Umbrella bags are available at the entrance to the Clark Center. Storage racks, coat racks, and lockers are located in the lower level of the Clark Center, the entry to the Manton Research Center, and adjacent to the restrooms at the Lunder Center at Stone Hill


While outerwear is permitted in the galleries, you may be more comfortable leaving your heavy coats, hats, and gloves in our coatroom. The galleries are maintained at a constant comfortable temperature and humidity throughout the year. During the humid summer months the galleries may feel cool, so you may wish to carry a light shawl or sweater.

In the Galleries

Multimedia guide

A multimedia guide is available at admissions ($5; members $3) to accompany our permanent collection and special exhibitions. We encourage visitors to explore together and share multimedia guides, which offer rich content including audio, video, text, and interactives.
The Clark’s multimedia guide is also available as a mobile app that can also be downloaded for free on iTunes and Google Play™. To download the app for iPads, click here.


Information about the Clark’s permanent collection is now available on the storytelling platform izi.TRAVEL.  A variety of focus tours on the collection are available.  Download the izi.TRAVEL app on Apple iTunes or Google Play to enhance your visit.

Cell phones

Speaking on your cell phone is welcome in all public areas outside the galleries. Cell phones or tablets may be used to download the multimedia guide in the galleries.


Visitors are welcome to photograph and videotape in the permanent collection galleries, but lights, flashbulbs, tripods, and "selfie sticks" are not permitted. No commercial photography is permitted without prior arrangement with the Clark’s communications staff.
Your presence at the Clark acknowledges that you have been informed of the potential to be photographed or filmed, and that you grant permission for your likeness to be published.

Sketching and copying

Visitors may use only graphite pencils, sketch pads, and notebooks in the galleries. Pastels, crayons, ink pens, markers, charcoal, paint, and tape measures are not permitted, and easels are only allowed by special permission from the Clark’s registrar arranged prior to the visit. Sketching and copying of temporary exhibitions, works on loan, or works by living artists are not permitted. Visitors are requested to remain at least two feet from a work while sketching or writing.


Laptops, Tablets, and WiFi

Free WiFi is available at the Clark for your convenience. 
Laptops are welcome in the permanent collection, but are not permitted in the special exhibition galleries. 

Food and Drink

Food and drink (including water bottles) are not permitted in the galleries. 



Smoking is not permitted inside the buildings, near building entrances and emergency exits, walking paths, and parking lots. Smoking is only permitted on the south lawn of the Manton Research Center.


Pets are not allowed inside the buildings. Please do not leave a pet unattended in your car. Clark visitors love animals and quickly notify security about animals left unattended.

Lost and found

To report a lost or found item, please speak with the admissions or volunteer staff or notify one of the security staff in the galleries. Clark security may be reached at 413 458 2030 ext. 212.

First aid

Inform the nearest security officer if you require first aid in the galleries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to purchase admission tickets in advance for special exhibitions?
A: No. General admission tickets include all permanent and special exhibitions on view. Tickets are not timed.
Q: How do I order tickets for events?
A:  If the event requires tickets or reservations, you may purchase online, at the admissions desk, or by calling the box office at 413 458 0524.
Q: How much time should I plan for my visit?
A:  The Clark offers a unique experience that varies according to individual interests. Some visitors might explore a few galleries in an hour; others might stay for three hours or more if they plan to sketch in the galleries, eat a meal, or hike the nature trails.
Q: Should I bring my children to the Clark?
A: Yes! The Clark welcomes children of all ages. The Education Department offers a family gallery guide for special summer exhibitions, and sketch pads are also available during the school year. A limited number of strollers are available at no charge for children old enough to sit up unaided. Personal strollers are also welcome in the galleries.
Q: Are those Clark cows and horses in the meadow?
A: The Stone Hill meadow’s cows and horses belong to a local farmer, not the Clark, but are a favorite sight for visitors of all ages!