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Member Feature

Bill Gillquist

Our members matter! Each quarter, we’ll feature one member’s story about their love of the Clark.  
His passion for art
Bill first visited the Clark in 1987 with a friend and quickly became an enthusiast of the arts. Soon after, he enrolled in art classes at his local community college and has since been making the two-hour trip from his home in Connecticut to visit the Clark at least twenty-five times a year. He especially enjoys finding the deeper meanings that art has to offer. “I think art can teach us to respect and even admire works from different cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds.”
His favorite painting
Winslow Homer’s Sleigh Ride, which resides in the permanent collection, is a painting Bill likes to revisit often to discover a new detail or emotion elicited by the work. “It’s a winter scene that evokes a story of a warm cup of cocoa by the fire after the sleigh reaches its destination,” he explains. “It’s not a depressing image; rather, it is a confident one.”
What he loves about the Clark
Aside from the beautiful paintings and extensive landscape and trails, among Bill’s favorite things at the Clark are the educational opportunities and public programs such as performances and concerts, which he often enjoys with friends. A member for nearly a decade, he notes that “at the Clark, I feel like I’m a part of something that not only helps people locally, but also inspires people worldwide.”
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